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Cut preparation time in half

Customize your scenarios, generate professional handouts and save hours on preparation.

Save Lessons-Learned

Get rid of handwritten notes and make sure your qualitative data is saved and used.

Share your exercise

Export entire role-play projects to your colleagues. Create one template for all your trainers.

One-click custom reports

Automatically convert a trainer’s detailed notes into a custom lessons-learned report.


“Outcome’s App clearly and succinctly outlines a process which I have used for many years with a high degree of success“

Kris Martin, Senior Director at HBR Consulting

“Simple, easy-to-understand and easy-to-follow”.

Stephen Grossman, founder of Sykes & Burrows

“As a sales strategist in the boardroom, as well as the trenches, I have become an evangelist for Outcome’s App”.

John Turley, Vice-President at SimuQuest